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I by no means am an expert on this terrible disease called Dementia, but I know someone who is and, who has dedicated the last 19 years to this HORRID thing, and to add to her knowledge of IT, she has also been trained by the great Teepa Snow, in (PAC) Positive approach to care, Teepa is one of the worlds leading authorities on this crippling and dreadful disease.

Her name is Carol Bevin and she is amazing.

Here are some facts and figures on Dementia.Worldwide 47.5 Million, and there are 7.7  million new cases every year. One in three of us over sixty-five will get some form of dementia and consequently, die with it or die of it.

World-Wide  – 47.5 – Million +
UK                        – 850,000 +
USA                     – 5.3 Million +
Germany          – 1.2 Million +
Spain                   – 800,000 +
France                – 850,000 +
Italy                     – 1 Million +
Australia           – 342,000 +

Russia                  -1.5 million +

Estimated 47.5 Million people living with Dementia in 2015 Worldwide, 850.000 in the UK of which 40.000 are younger, under the age of sixty-five there will be one million by 2025, which are diagnosed, and there are probably many who are not yet diagnosed or mis-diagnosed, this number will almost double every twenty years, reaching an estimated 74.7 Million in 2030 and 131.5 Million in 2050, there are over 7.7 Million new cases every year implying one new case every 3.2 seconds. The total estimated Worldwide cost of Dementia is, US $ 818 Billion in 2015 which represents, 1.09% of global G D P, this figure includes costs of informal care (unpaid care provided by family and others). Direct costs of social care (provided by community care professionals, high income and in residential home settings). Research shows that most people living with Dementia have not received formal high-income countries, only 25%- 50% of Dementia cases are recognized and documented in primary care, this treatment gap is certainly much greater in low and middle-income countries…


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7) The memory has been wiped and they will argue they didn’t say or do that, It causes frustration being told they did or said something they believe to be untrue.