Hello all

Just to let you know we have had an APP developed for your mobile phones

on iPhone and Android, on our new sister website to this one,

and it will soon be available for download.

 click the tab below

It is designed to aid and assist people with dementia and their family
members and caregivers.

It has a music player with built-in calendar dating back decades so you can
look up a certain song from that era and download it to give comfort and
bring back the person suffering from dementia to a moment in time that they
may remember. and also you can use your existing local music library that you

have stored on your device.

It is quite a well-known fact that music has a strong and emotional

bond with us all, emotional memories are branded and bonded in our

spirits and in our hearts, which will allow the person suffering with

dementia to come back to that particular time, and memories of that time,

and that’s where the person will feel they are, using episodic memory.

There is a panic button, allowing a family member or
caregiver to communicate with the dementia patients and to locate them in
real-time using GPS

It also has a photo gallery on it so you can download or put your pictures
of loved ones, and good times in it.

It has a built-in reminder button to help them remember to take medicines
and to eat at certain times and take keys out with them,

And it has a link page providing useful links;

Useful Facebook page’s below

with  dementia aware and purple angel dementia resource page,



And some very useful website addresses below.



and any other pages you wish to put on there for easy access.
The idea of this app is to help and assist people with dementia,

their caregivers and family members as much as is possible,

and to make their life that little bit easier, and more comfortable,

as we all mostly know, dementia comes to each and every one of us in different

ways and in different stages.