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What We Do.

Fighting Dementia Together

“Through Music, We Can Help.”

Music Memory Lane (think we’ll call it MML for short if that’s okay ) MML is the brain child of myself  Pete Melia and my business partner Carol Bevin, We are helping people through music, live a better more memorable life and help to battle dementia…


about mml


Dementia is a Horrific and Terrible disease, and we are not yet sure exactly what causes it, but it is definitely due to brain changes and brain failure. MML is the brain child of myself  Pete Melia and my business partner Carol Bevin.

music app


It has a music player with built-in calendar dating back decades so you can look up a certain song from that era and download it to give comfort and bring back the person to a moment in time that they may remember.

the blog


Here with, it is our goal to help you learn more about this disease and how to help your loved ones through this time in their life. Please jump into the blog and start learning away, or grab the free ebook today.

…A Better Way To Help Your Loved One

There is  a free eBook  it’s  about my story (Carols story), and giving some proven methods to dealing with persons with dementia. it will be free to download and keep, as I’m sure a lot of you dealing with dementia and the families of people living with dementia will find some of the information in it invaluable.…

Get Started Learning

The Blog

Enjoy The Blog…

“Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones.” ― Keith Richards


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